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  • Unlock AI's Power: Harvard's Cryptoterrestrials & Mind-Reading Tech Revealed!

Unlock AI's Power: Harvard's Cryptoterrestrials & Mind-Reading Tech Revealed!

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More is happening in technology beyond just generative AI! Advancements in Extended Reality (AR, VR, Mixed Reality), Robotics, Haptics, and HCI are redefining our reality. Our mission is to keep you one step ahead of everyone else. Today, it’s all about AI. Tomorrow, it will be what’s next.

TL: DR - I sort through the best new tech news, so you do not have to!

Guess What, This Picture is Not Real…Really?

We’re diving into a whirlwind of AI marvels and futuristic discoveries that will awaken you. First up, Luma AI's Dream Machine is set to unleash your creative potential like never before. Then, hold tight as Harvard scientists unravel the secrets of a hidden civilization – crypto terrestrials, anyone? And if that’s not enough, NATO is backing a German startup in its quest to build autonomous war bots – the future of combat is here!

We've got an exclusive peek into an AI that can read your mind – yes, you read that right. ChatGPT is getting a serious upgrade, making its interactions more human-like. For the freelancers out there, don’t fret – we’ve got some savvy tips on navigating the AI wave that's shaking up the digital gig economy. To top it all off, our featured videos will blow your mind with the latest AI research and innovations. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride!

In This Newsletter:

  • AI-Powered Creativity: Enter the world of Luma AI's Dream Machine and explore how to try this groundbreaking tool.

  • Cryptoterrestrials Uncovered: Harvard scientists dive into evidence of an unknown civilization.

  • Autonomous War Bots: NATO invests in a German startup developing robotic warriors.

  • Future of AI Interaction: Get a sneak peek into AI that can read your mind.

  • ChatGPT's Evolution: Discover how ChatGPT is becoming more human-like.

  • Freelancers vs. AI: The impact of ChatGPT on online freelancers and how to safeguard your career.


The AI Video Production Race: Ready, Set, Render!

The race to replace your entire video production team with AI is heating up faster than a GPU during a rendering marathon. With Google’s recent unveiling of VEO, an advanced text-to-video AI, the tech giant is squaring off against competitors like Luma AI, Viva AI, and Kling AI. Unlike previous contenders like Sora, some new tools are open to the public. From creating dream-like clips to churning out surprisingly professional-looking videos, the results have been a mix of astonishing and amusing. It’s like giving a toddler a paintbrush – you might get a masterpiece or something only a parent could love. But hey, it’s early days.

So, what’s the grand ambition here? If these AI tools continue to improve at their current pace, we might soon see them transitioning from producing short, whimsical clips to crafting realistic, high-quality videos that could rival human-made productions. Imagine typing “create a blockbuster movie” and getting a result that doesn’t look like it was filmed on a potato. The implications are both exciting and slightly terrifying. Sure, it means everyone can be a director, but it also opens the floodgates for potential misuse. Deepfakes, anyone? The technology's ability to blur the lines between reality and AI-generated content could lead us down a murky path.

In this high-stakes game, the quest to be the first, the best, and the most notable in text-to-video tech seems to overshadow concerns about public safety. It’s a classic tech tale – innovation outpacing regulation. While these AI advancements are fascinating and hold great promise, it’s crucial to consider the ethical ramifications. As we marvel at the latest AI-generated marvels, we must also ponder: are we racing toward a future of limitless creativity or one fraught with digital deception? Only time will tell if we’ve created a masterpiece or a monster.

Key Text-to-Video Announcements From The Past Week


AI-Powered Creativity: Enter the World of Luma AI's Dream Machine!

Forget everything you know about AI – Luma AI's Dream Machine is here to blow your mind! This incredible tool lets you dive into a world of creativity powered by AI. Want to know how to try it? Click the link and get started on your dream journey.

Cryptoterrestrials Uncovered: Harvard Scientists Dive into Evidence of an Unknown Civilization!

Hold on to your hats! Harvard scientists have unearthed evidence pointing to a mysterious, unknown civilization – cryptoterrestrials! This mind-boggling discovery could rewrite history books and change our understanding of ancient cultures.

Autonomous War Bots: NATO Invests in a German Startup Developing Robotic Warriors!

Move over, Iron Man! NATO has just funded a German startup that's creating autonomous war bots. These robotic warriors could be the future of military combat, making battles more high-tech than ever.

Future of AI Interaction: Get a Sneak Peek into AI That Can Read Your Mind!

Say hello to the future! An exclusive look at the latest AI technology reveals a mind-reading marvel that's set to change how we interact with machines. Curious? You won't believe your eyes – or your thoughts.

ChatGPT's Evolution: Discover How ChatGPT is Becoming More Human-Like!

ChatGPT is leveling up! Find out how this tool is becoming more human-like in its interactions, making conversations with AI more natural and engaging than ever. You won't want to miss these exciting updates.

Freelancers vs. AI: The Impact of ChatGPT on Online Freelancers and How to Safeguard Your Career!

Freelancers, beware! ChatGPT has caused a massive drop in demand for online digital freelancers. But don't worry – we've got tips on how to protect yourself and stay ahead in the game.


Another great week in review for what is happening in Artificial Intelligence from YouTubers Matt Wolfe and The AI Advantage. If you are not subscribed to them already, do so now. Right now.

The Shocking Energy Guzzlers: AI Apps Consuming Power Like Never Before!

Brace yourselves! This video dives deep into the staggering amounts of energy AI applications consume. From training massive models to running day-to-day operations, the power drain is off the charts.

Key Events Summer 2024

  • VRTO - Toronto, Canada - June 2024

  • SIGGRAPH - Vancouver, Canada - August 11-15, 2024

  • F8 Refresh - Online - June 2024

  • E3 - Los Angeles, USA - June 11-13, 2024

  • VivaTech - Paris, France - June 12-15, 2024

  • EuroHaptics - Nottingham, UK - June 10-13, 2024

  • Metaverse Expo - Seoul, Korea - June 26-28, 2024

  • Venice Film Festival - Venice, Italy - August 28-September 7, 2024

  • AI & Big Data Expo World Series - Santa Clara, USA - June 5-6, 2024

  • TechConnect World - Washington, DC, USA - June 17-19, 2024

  • Auto.AI - San Francisco, USA - June 26-28, 2024

  • AI4 2024 - Las Vegas, USA - August 12-14, 2024

  • AI & Big Data Expo 2024 - Santa Clara, USA - June 5-6, 2024

  • HCI International 2024 - Washington, DC, USA - June 29-July 4, 2024

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