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Ex-OpenAI Researcher Predicts Our Doom, How to Live Forever, and Your Job Will Soon Be Gone

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If Kitty Wants a Snack, Then Kitty Gets a Snack!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live forever, have your brain chemistry altered by the internet, or have AI predict your heart attack a decade in advance? Well, wonder no more because this newsletter has it all! From Ray Kurzweil's immortality predictions to AI reshaping big tech jobs, we've got the scoop on the latest in tech and science. And if you're worried about the environmental impact of your internet habits, we've got a deep dive into the hidden costs of big data. Plus, do you want to discover how augmented reality takes the metaverse to the next level and why Apple is halting work on a new headset?

More importantly, have you read “Situational Awareness” by Leopold Aschenbrenner? Are you scared yet? Check out this week’s “But First” and our videos.

In This Newsletter:

  • AI-Powered Creativity: Enter the world of Luma AI's Dream Machine and explore how to try this groundbreaking tool.

  • Cryptoterrestrials Uncovered: Harvard scientists dive into evidence of an unknown civilization.

  • Autonomous War Bots: NATO invests in a German startup developing robotic warriors.

  • Future of AI Interaction: Get a sneak peek into AI that can read your mind.

  • ChatGPT's Evolution: Discover how ChatGPT is becoming more human-like.

  • Freelancers vs. AI: The impact of ChatGPT on online freelancers and how to safeguard your career.


AI Apocalypse: Are We Ignoring the Looming Security Nightmare?

I could not get this quite right, but meet your new overlord (via Leonardo.ai)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on a roll lately, transforming everything from our toaster settings to our stock market predictions. Yet, as we marvel at our new robotic overlords, a growing chorus of voices shouts, "Hold up! Is anyone thinking about security?" If you’re one of those concerned folks, strap in because this might be the most important read of your week.

In his paper on situational awareness, Leopold Aschenbrenner, a former OpenAI researcher, delivers a timely wake-up call for the AI industry. He argues that the rapid pace of AI development is outstripping our ability to manage its security implications. Aschenbrenner’s insights paint a picture of an industry so high on its own supply of innovation that it’s ignoring very real risks. It’s like building a supercar without considering the need for brakes—impressive until it inevitably crashes. His paper underscores the critical need for situational awareness in AI development, emphasizing that overlooking potential threats is a recipe for disaster.

But wait, there’s more! In the realm of YouTube gurus, another layer to this AI security onion is peeled back. Experts like AIGrid and Matthew Berman in their vlogs (see below) dive deep into how situational awareness and ethical considerations are being sidestepped in favor of rapid deployment. Meanwhile, Pat McGuinness on Substack dissects the nuances of situational awareness, reminding us that ignoring potential threats is a recipe for disaster. These insights underscore a disturbing trend: the relentless pace of AI development is outstripping our ability to manage its security implications.

So, what's a concerned tech enthusiast to do? First, stay informed and keep the conversation alive. The more we talk about AI security, the harder it becomes for the industry to sweep it under the rug. Secondly, advocate for balanced development that prioritizes safety alongside innovation. After all, no one wants to be the guy who invented a self-driving car that forgets how to stop. Let's not just build the future; let's secure it.



Singularity Dreams: Ray Kurzweil predicts a future where humans achieve immortality through technology.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil is at it again, predicting that humans will soon achieve immortality by merging with technology. He envisions a future where nanobots in our bloodstreams and brain enhancements will make us live forever. Buckle up, because the future is about to get wild!

Brain Chemistry Blues: Internet addiction is rewiring young brains, according to a new study.

A shocking new study reveals that excessive internet use is altering brain chemistry in young people, leading to anxiety and depression. Parents, it's time to set some screen time limits before our kids turn into Wi-Fi zombies!

AI Job Shuffle: Big Tech jobs are changing, but maybe not how you think.

Think your tech job is safe? Think again! AI is coming for Big Tech jobs, but not in the way you expect. Instead of replacing humans, AI is reshaping roles, creating new opportunities and challenges. Get ready for the AI job revolution!

Heart Attack Predictor: New AI system can foresee heart attacks ten years ahead.

An incredible new AI system can predict who is likely to suffer a heart attack up to ten years in the future. This could revolutionize how we approach heart health and potentially save countless lives. The future of medicine is here!

Big Data, Big Pollution: The environmental toll of our data-hungry world.

The demand for big data is driving massive environmental costs. From energy consumption to electronic waste, the internet's hunger for data is leaving a huge carbon footprint. Time to rethink our digital habits for a greener future.

Metaverse Makeover: Google and Magic Leap's new AR goggles are here to revive the metaverse.

Google and Magic Leap have teamed up to give the metaverse a fresh start with new augmented reality goggles. These high-tech specs promise to make virtual worlds more immersive than ever. The metaverse just got a serious upgrade!

Apple Vision Update: Why Apple is pausing work on its cheaper Pro model headset.

In a surprising move, Apple is halting work on its cheaper Vision Pro headset model. Find out why the tech giant is putting the brakes on this anticipated gadget and what it means for the future of AR.


Should We Be Terrified By AI, Or Our Race to Release Over Safety?

Here are 2 views of the situational awareness paper by former OpenAI employee Leopold Aschenbrenner. Watch these and form your own opinion.

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  • VivaTech - Paris, France - June 12-15, 2024

  • EuroHaptics - Nottingham, UK - June 10-13, 2024

  • Metaverse Expo - Seoul, Korea - June 26-28, 2024

  • Venice Film Festival - Venice, Italy - August 28-September 7, 2024

  • AI & Big Data Expo World Series - Santa Clara, USA - June 5-6, 2024

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  • AI4 2024 - Las Vegas, USA - August 12-14, 2024

  • AI & Big Data Expo 2024 - Santa Clara, USA - June 5-6, 2024

  • HCI International 2024 - Washington, DC, USA - June 29-July 4, 2024

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