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AI Brings the Dead to Life, Reimagines Terminator, and Arms Soldiers with Perfect Aim!

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AI Image: Meet Your New Barista from Bostondave on Leonardo.ai

Ever wondered if it’s possible to chat with your long-gone relatives? Well, a startup's using AI and holograms to bring the dearly departed back for dinner conversations. And if that’s not wild enough, a researcher at OpenAI went on a publication spree, cranking out 165 papers in one day before getting the boot. Talk about overachieving!

I’ve also stumbled upon a super creepy AI reimagining of "The Terminator" set in the 1950s—it's like the original but spookier. Meanwhile, soldiers might soon get their hands on smart guns that never miss, thanks to ZeroMark. Oh, and AI is taking over the world (no biggie), even messing with Amazon Prime thumbnails to give your favorite shows some bizarre new faces. And in the world of warfare, AI’s making battles smarter and scarier. Buckle up, folks—it’s a wild ride!

In This Newsletter:

  • Resurrect the Dead with AI: Discover the startup using AI and holography to bring the deceased back into our lives.

  • Where is AI Taking Us in the Next 10 Years? The shocking story of a researcher fired by OpenAI after a publishing spree and his vision.

  • 1950s Terminator: An AI's eerie vintage twist on the classic movie trailer (see it below).

  • Guns That Never Miss: A16Z-backed ZeroMark promises soldiers the ultimate accuracy.

  • AI Eats the World: How AI is taking over every aspect of our lives.

  • Amazon's AI Face Problem: The bizarre issue with AI-generated thumbnails on Prime Video.


A Startup So Cool It Could Wake the Dead?

A mysterious startup claims its revolutionary tech could bring the dead back to life—or at least make you feel like they can. Combining AI and holography, they're promising a future where your dearly departed could be making cameo appearances at your family dinners.

Researcher Fired by OpenAI Published 165 Papers in a Day!

In a jaw-dropping move, a researcher managed to publish a staggering 165 papers in just one day before being shown the door by OpenAI. The AI community is buzzing: Was this a stroke of genius or a colossal mistake?

1950s Terminator: The AI Movie Trailer You Didn't Know You Needed

Imagine "The Terminator" but set in the 1950s. An AI has reimagined the iconic film with a vintage twist, and the result is creepier than ever. Get ready to be haunted by a black-and-white Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike! Direct link to the video below.

Guns That Never Miss: A16Z-Backed ZeroMark's Bold Claim

ZeroMark, the latest venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz, is developing smart guns for soldiers that guarantee a hit, even against elusive drone targets. The future of warfare just got a high-tech upgrade.

AI Eats the World: Is Humanity on the Menu?

From taking over jobs to creating art, AI is steadily consuming every aspect of our lives. But is this technological feast coming at a cost we can’t afford? Dive into this deep analysis of how AI is reshaping our world.

AI Faces the Music: The New Problem with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is grappling with an odd AI problem: bizarre faces popping up in video thumbnails. Find out why your favorite shows might be getting a weird, uninvited facelift courtesy of AI gone rogue.


The Mary McFly Terminator Trailer

These AI recreations are starting to get out of control but this one created as if the move was a 1950 thriller is fantastic.

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